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“From the moment I picked up a camera, I was fascinated by the world around me and the visual image”

Herbert Friedman began photographing in 1969 while a graduate student in Psychology at Temple University. He was a practicing Psychologist for many years, and additionally studied photography with Michael A. Smith, and was schooled in classic black and white photography. He studied color photography and printing with Linda Hackett at  ICP. Since he 1994 he has been managing money and photographing.

A great admirer of Cartier Bresson, and Elliot Erwitt , his goal is to see things in a unique way, which makes the viewer more alive to and appreciative of the world around us. Herb is especially touched by Elliot Erwitt’s photographs and how they can make us smile

While in Philadelphia he showed his work at numerous galleries including The Painted Bride and The Photographers Place.

In Sag Harbor his work has been shown at the Richard J Demato Gallery, and the Tulla Booth Gallery.

He had a series of his work published in Creative Camera in December 1971.

He has also had work published in the Painted Bride Quarterly in 1982, and American Photo December 1992 and various other magazines.

Herb currently lives with his very creative and forever supportive and gardening wife, Karen, in Bridgehampton, New York.

His passions include photography of Beach’s, The Ocean, Dogs, Clouds and Flowers (mostly from his wife’s gardens).  Herb was born in New York in 1945.

Contact information:

Herb Friedman 917.225.0232

PO Box 789 Watermill , New York 11976


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